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Chocolate Passion Pastry is well known as DC's pre-eminent purveyor of fine pastries, desserts and confections.

Chocolate Passion Pastry is located in Northern Virginia and serves the entire Metropolitan DC region.

Chocolate Passion Pastry supplies restaurants and cafes, specialty food shops, upscale supermarkets, hotels and caterers with very unique, entirely natural products – including the city’s most talked about wedding cakes.

Each and every Chocolate Passion Pastry product is lovingly hand-crafted using only premium, entirely natural ingredients, no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours – just pure and sweet!

Call 703-745-8916, 703-595-9124 or contact us today to make sweet memories of any occasion.

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Local Gourmet
Entertainment: Wine and Dine
By Rebekah Pizana

Source: Loudoun Times-Mirror


Cafe Rumi: Ehsan "Sam" Azizi's passion for pastry is contagious. At Cafe Rumi in Ashburn, Azizi spends hours each day creating artistic masterpieces. Using sophisticated culinary tools and the finest of ingredients, Azizi's advanced skill is apparent in each of his confections. Visible from the shop's cold case are mini cakes and 8-inch and 10-inch rounds, beautifully decorated with chocolate curls, edible 24 karat gold shavings, and glistening chocolate ganache.

With 35 years in the food industry, Azizi has spent the past 12 years focusing exclusively on catering for restaurants like Bistro 123 at Tysons Corner, the Eiffel Tower Cafe in Leesburg, the Hermitage in Clifton, and other locations in McLean, Winchester and Bethesda, Md. Azizi decided to open Cafe Rumi in November 2007, busily inventing new flavor combinations like the tangy Lemon Mango cake topped with apricot glaze.

For Azizi's wife, Marwa Azizi, Cafe Rumi is a cafe of love.

"It's like a tavern without alcohol," she says. "You can come and get drunk with love."

Marwa Azizi couldn't have described it any better. Once Sam Azizi begins to talk about his love for pastry making, it's hard not to fall in love with this art as well, and suddenly want to taste every single mini cake in the case.

All of his layer cakes, Azizi says, are to be eaten with the fork, cutting all the way through for a bite -- all of the flavors are meant to be tasted together. Azizi calls the White Chocolate Cassias a "perfect marriage" of tastes. Bittersweet black currant compliments a sweeter white chocolate mousse atop a light vanilla Genoise (a type of sponge cake). Another mind-boggling creation is his Chocolate Tea cake. Layers of Earl Grey tea chocolate cake are filled with tea flavored Bavarian milk chocolate cream. With a touch of cardamom, the taste is complicated and certainly stretches the average culinary imagination.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, and schooled at L'Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda, Md., Azizi had the privilege of learning from some of the best French chefs in the food industry. Under the guidance of culinary greats like White House executive pastry chef Roland Mesnier, chocolatier extraordinaire Jacques Torres, and Dominique Leborgne (now deceased and former owner of Washington, D.C.'s DDE_LINK1La Palais du Chocolat DDE_LINK1), Azizi has truly become a master of the art.

Apart from Azizi's delicate cakes, Cafe Rumi offers a relaxing atmosphere for studying, meetings or parties, a lounge area with a couch and flat-screen TV, coffee drinks brewed with Kiariz beans (a slow roasted coffee from Luray), gelato, homemade danishes (yes, Azizi makes chocolate croissants, muffins and a variety of other traditional French breakfast pastries from scratch). You're hard pressed to find another Internet cafe with this kind of combination. Azizi also sells handmade chocolate candies and truffles made with chocolate from Switzerland and France.

And with the help of a sous-chef, Azizi can serve up soup, salad or sandwich plates for a savory lunch. If you ask Azizi about his chicken salad, he'll say it's "just a normal chicken salad." But this is far from what your mouth will tell you. Azizi's chicken mixture is seasoned with tarragon, roasted bell peppers and a hot dash of cayenne pepper.

For cake orders, be sure to give Azizi a couple of days notice. The price for a gourmet 10-inch cake is $45.25, with writing or additional toppings extra. Individual pastries cost $4.25, and the sandwiches run $6.95.

For more information on Cafe Rumi, visit www.caferumi.biz or call 703-729-0005. Cafe Rumi is at 44650 Waxpool Road in Ashburn. Hours are Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m.-7 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.-7 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Rebekah Pizana is a journalism student at Patrick Henry College. She can be reached at gourmetwriter@gmail.com.

Azizi’s Biography

Ehsan “Sam” Azizi, born in Geneva, Switzerland, and schooled at the French culinary school, L’Académie de Cuisines, has had the privilege of learning from some of the best French chefs in the industry. Under the guidance of culinary greats like White House executive pastry chef Roland Mesnier, chocolatier extraordinaire Jacques Torres, G.J. Bellouet, and Dominique Leborgne (now deceased; former owner of Washington, D.C.’s Le Palais du Chocolat) Azizi has truly become a master of the art.

For a couple of years after graduation he worked as a sous-chef at the Old Angler’s Inn, a high scale French Restaurant in Great Falls area. For the next ten years Azizi worked at the Palais de Chocolat as a Pastry Chef Assistant and two more years as a Pastry Chef.

With 35 years in the food industry, Azizi started his own pastry business and spent 12 more years focusing exclusively on catering for high-end restaurants like the Tower Club and Bistro 123 at Tysons Corner; the Eiffel Tower in Leesburg, the Hermitage Inn in Clifton, and other fine restaurants in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Feeling an urge to move on and to expand his career, a year ago Azizi opened his own pastry/coffee shop, Café Rumi in Ashburn, where he produces a full line of high quality pastries. Azizi’s advanced skills are apparent in each of his pastry items that is made from scratch without any preservatives using premium ingredients imported from France and Switzerland.

At Café Rumi, apart from gourmet pastries, Chef Azizi, offers fresh omelets for breakfast, soup, salad, and homemade sandwiches for a savory lunch and dinner. Also Azizi, serves gourmet coffee drinks, gelato and smoothies.

For more information call 703-745-8916, 703--272-7407 or contact us today.